Services from Multisol

Multisol is a leading supplier of bespoke services to the lubricant and fuel industries.  We strive to provide the highest levels of quality and service to all of our principals in the knowledge that just as customers have differing product requirements, they also have differing service needs. Our aim is to deliver the services individual customers most value to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of their operations. We have a breadth of technical experience focused on solutions that will enhance your business. Working closely with each and every one of our customers, Multisol is committed to the highest standards of integrity, safety, health and environmental management, an ethos demanded of every employee across our global network.

Toll Services


Mixing and Blending –  Ongoing investment ensures that Multisol has the technical excellence, capacity and state of the art operations to undertake a wide range of mixing and blending solutions for our customers.

These include:

  • continuous in-line blending with controlled dosing loops
  • mixer vessels
  • dissolving Viscosity Modifiers
  • steam heated polymer dissolving

Toll Processing - providing an extension to our customers own facilities, Multisol has toll processing solutions designed to seamlessly blend into your own operations whilst remaining invisible to your customers.  We have the flexibility and ability to adapt our own processes to meet almost any customer requirement.

Bulk Liquid Storage - with access to bulk liquid storage across our network, Multisol offers a large range of storage solutions to meet the demands of all of our toll customers. Our lubricant facilities are recognised centres of excellence, providing the highest quality of equipment and preserving the performance of our products.

  • heated, lagged tanks for viscous liquids
  • stainless steel & mild steel tanks
  • ship and truck fed tanks

Filling and Packing


Liquid Packaging - Multisol is a provider of bespoke liquid packaging solutions according to your volume and packaging needs. We are able to pack into customer supplied packaging or source from one of our own approved packaging suppliers. Each pack can then be labelled by utilising either customer supplied labels or our own.

We offer products in the following pack types:

  • bottles
  • cans or pails
  • drums or barrels
  • IBC's - intermediate bulk containers
  • BLC's - bulk liquid containers

Speciality Filling - for a wide range of liquid or solid products with difficult handling properties, we are confident that we can meet your  requirements. We carefully select the filling location based upon our customer requirements alongside the product characteristics. Each new product undergoes a thorough risk assessment prior to filling.

We can offer solutions for:

  • temperature controlled
  • hazardous and non hazardous products
  • white room pharmaceutical
  • viscous and non viscous liquids

Re-packing - Multisol offers a range of re-packing services for a wide number of liquid & solid products. Based upon the customers requirements and product characteristics, and following a thorough risk assessment, we will carefully select the most appropriate one of our approved locations.

We can re-pack from:

  • pack to pack
  • pack to bulk

Quality Testing


Laboratory Facilities - At Multisol, quality control is paramount in everything we do.  We work hard to ensure that the very highest levels of quality for the products and services are always achieved. We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our technical services and expertise and the long term partnerships that exist with customers of all sizes who recognise the value we add to their business.

Supply Chain Services


Packed Storage, Warehousing & Distribution - with access to the Brenntag Global Network, Multisol offers warehousing and storage solutions across the globe.  We have access to a wide range of  solutions for housing hazardous and packed goods. We specialize in the consolidation of stock in central locations with access to satellite or strategic storage locations via our efficient distribution network.

Multisol offers:

  • materials purchasing management or coordination
  • inventory management and stock control
  • order consolidation (multi-supplier)
  • special load or cargo preparation

Procurement Services


Single Source Procurement & Consolidation - Multisol is the leading single source supplier in the lubricant and fuels market, pioneering new relationships through collaborating with customers and their suppliers to offer global procurement services. We are able to  provide bespoke purchasing and consolidation solutions according to your business needs. We will purchase to your requirements and simplify your purchasing needs, reducing the complexity of your order to reduce costs whilst allowing for smoother product transactions.

Multisol solutions include:

  • single storage location of multiple products
  • transport load optimization
  • single dedicated contact