Base Oils From Chevron

Group II/II+  Premium Base Oils From Chevron
Hydrocracked neutral mineral oils with approvals in place for most ACEA, API, JAMA and other OEM specifications.

chevron-logo.pngAs an authorised distributor of Chevron Group ll/ll+ Premium Base Oils, Multisol recognises the importance of working with the global leader and largest supplier of premium base oils in the world.

Chevron has over 100 years of experience in producing fuels, lubricants and base oils and introduced ISODEWAXING® catalyst and technology, a radical new refining process that produced water-white, chemically pure base oils from conventional feedstocks.

Today, virtually all of the Group ll and Group lll base stocks in the world are produced using isomerized dewaxing technology. Widespread availability of these oils enables high performance global specifications to be set and met.

Typical Properties of Chevron Group II/II+ Base Oils