Multisol Products

We have an extensive portfolio of products and represent some of the worlds premium manufacturers and top tier suppliers of base oils and additives for use in lubricants and fuels.  With global capabilities, Multisol is able to support your product needs whatever your automotive or industrial application may be.  We can provide help and advice to support your formulations; allowing you to achieve the desired approvals and performance levels to meet your product and marketing goals.

Lubricant additives


Engine Oil additives from Infineum

Passenger Car Motor Oil - designed to protect and enhance the performance of engines in cars and light-duty trucks that operate with gasoline, diesel fuel or alternative fuel sources such as ethanol. The range includes Pour Point Depressants, Viscosity Modifiers and a collection of supplemental additives.

Heavy Duty Diesel - designed to protect and enhance the performance of heavy duty diesel engines operating over the road or in off-highway applications such as mining and construction, the range includes Pour Point Depressants, Viscosity Modifiers and a collection of Supplemental additives
Viscosity Modifiers - designed to reduce a lubricant’s change in viscosity when subjected to changes in temperature.

Marine - designed to protect and enhance performance in Trunk Piston Engine Oils, Marine Diesel Cylinder Lubricants and System Oils.

Railroad - exclusive Zinc-free additive technology using salicylate detergent chemistry from Infineum.

Gas engine - designed to provide all the benefits of any diesel engine oil counterparts such as engine reliability and long life but with the added advantages of lower maintenance and less pollution.

Small Engine - for two-stroke and four-stroke engines across the entire spectrum of small engine applications.

Components -  a range of individual additive components designed to create differentiated performance features in finished lubricants. Our portfolio includes Antioxidants, Antirust, Antiwear, Corrosion Inhibitors, Detergents, Dispersants and Friction Modifiers.

Power Transmission Fluid Additives from Infineum

Power Transmission Fluid -  a wide range of products that are tailored to meet the exacting frictional characteristics of hardware designs specified by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for their Automatic Transmissions (ATs).

Base Oils


Group II/II+  Premium Base Oils From Chevron
Hydrocracked neutral mineral oils with approvals in place for most ACEA, API, JAMA and other OEM specifications.

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Group III Base Oils from Neste
Hydrocracked mineral oils, very high viscosity index VHVI for high performance engine oils and additives.

Group IV Base Oils from Chevron Phillips Chemical
Poly Alpha Olefin synthetic Base Oils used in high performance lubricants.

Group V Base Oils from Nynas
High quality naphthenic process oils and base oils.

Fuel additives


Fuel additives from Infineum

Refinery, Pipeline, Terminal and Process Additives  - Cold Flow and Lubricity Improvers from Infineum.

Biodiesel Additives - Biodiesel Flow Improvers to improve Cold Filter Plugging Point, Pour Point and Cloud Point and to prevent Wax settling in Fatty Acid Methyl Ester along with Biodiesel Stability Improvers which improve FAME oxidation stability.

Industrial Portfolio


Components from Infineum

Compressor Fluids - a range of fully-formulated synthetic fluids for use in industrial air and gas compressors, bearing lubrication systems and mist lubrication arrangements.

Tackifiers - a range of tackiness additives that encompass lubrication, corrosion protection and industrial hygiene considerations.

Premium Transformer Oils from Nynas

The world's widest range of transformer oils – developed to handle just about every conceivable climate, design and operating condition.

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Extreme pressure additives from Arkema

Industrial additives - with excellent extreme-pressure and anti-wear properties, almost non-corrosive to copper and compatibility with mineral,synthetic base oils and greases.

Industrial additives from Evonik

VII & PPD - a broad line of additive products developed from proprietary polyalkylmethacrylate (PAMA) technology, complemented with customized formulations to meet customer needs and specifications, typical applications include gear and hydraulic oils.

Industrial Additives from Pilot Chemical Company

Speciality additives and blends - this range of products offers unsurpassed emulsification and corrosion inhibition properties in lubrication, metal working, metal treatment and oilfield applications.

Oleochemicals and speciality Esters from Oleon

Lubricants - a range of lubricity improvers for steel, copper and aluminium rolling, they are widely used in neat oils and in emulsions for cutting, grinding and drilling operations.

Solid lubricant additives dispersions

Multisol distributes a range of dispersions of solid lubricants blended in a mineral diluent oil.

Solid lubricants available are: molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), boron nitride, PTFE (polyfluorotetraethylene), and graphite - each of these being of a controlled granulometry.

Multisol solid lubricant additives dispersions are high performance components providing anti-wear & extreme pressure properties to various industrial lubricants.

Speciality Products


Dyes and markers from UCM


Unisol - liquid dye range for petroleum applications.

Unimark - colourless marker for fraud detection fuels and lubricants.

Uniglow - fluorescent liquid dyes.

Uniqua - Aqueous dyes.

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