Multisol Group Win 2011 ESIG Award

October 07, 2011 at 4:37 PM

We are proud to announce that Multisol Group has been awarded the 2011 Product Stewardship Award by ESIG, the European Solvents Industry Group.

The award was accepted by Chief Operating Officer Andrew Wilkins, and Technical Development Manager Karl Shone; at Cefic's European Responsible Care Conference on 22 September in Brussels.

The winning entry, "Changing the Perception of our Industry" impressed the jury with the extensive work the company have done over the past few years with students, to demonstrate that solvents and chemicals are an integral part of everyday existence; and that the industry is committed to being safe and responsible in its actions.

"For many students, the only insight they have of the chemical industry is when they see an accident or incident reported by the media.  We've aimed to show that they are surrounded by chemicals on a daily basis, and prove the significant benefits such materials bring to their lives", said Karl.  "By showing the necessity of these products and demonstrating the effort industry goes into making processes safe, we've gone some way to give a more balanced view of industry, and given many students the reason they sought to further their chemistry education".

The ESIG Product Stewardship Award recognises companies that achieve significant health, safety and environmental improvements in the handling, storage, use or transportation of solvents; and is designed to showcase and reward excellence and continuous progress in these areas.

Paul Oliphant, Chief Executive Officer for Multisol Group added, "Multisol are very proud to receive such a prestigious award. The principles of Responsible Care underpin all of our Group activities, and we have always placed a great deal of effort into our community outreach programmes. We’re honoured to have this recognised at such a high level."

The winning entry is selected by an independent jury comprising senior representatives from the European Commission; the trade press; and health, safety and environmental experts from trade associations other than ESIG.

The actual press release can be found in the pdf below.

Multisol Group Win the 2011 ESIG Product Stewardship Award