February 03, 2015 at 12:00 PM

The Royal Society of Chemistry has included Lorelly Wilson, founder of Chemistry with Cabbage, in its 175 ‘Faces of Chemistry’. Multisol UK is a sponsor of this highly successful initiative, based in the North West of England, which introduces children to chemistry through demonstrations and workshops.

Lorelly spends most of her time with primary school students. Together with her team, she takes equipment into schools and encourages children to have fun doing simple experiments themselves.

“I have been helped enormously in setting up the business by industrial partners who understand and support the work that I do,” explains Lorelly. “The support of BASF, Norkem, Multisol and Univar has been crucial. There is real enthusiasm in industry now to get the right people into chemistry.”

“Chemistry develops solid skills that are valuable to employers with the combination of academic and practical skills.”

“As I say to students now, ‘You close almost no doors when you study chemistry.’ It shows the world that you think clearly; can handle data and work carefully with potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment”

“Hopefully, by supporting programmes like Chemistry with Cabbage, Multisol can play its part to inspire more young people to consider science as a vocation,” explains Mary Hibbs, Group Compliance Manager, Multisol.  

“This is a refreshing and fun way of introducing children to Chemistry; in the UK, student interest in the sciences is low, particularly amongst girls. The children conduct safe experiments using household chemicals and proper equipment.”