Match Of The Day

December 17, 2013 at 3:45 PM

Multisol South Africa donates new soccer kit to Durbanville Children’s Home.

Durbanville Children’s Home is one of the oldest children’s homes in South Africa, caring for vulnerable children for over 130 years. Staff member John and voluntary helper Chanel have reintroduced soccer to the Home after the local community based league fell apart several years ago. With a kit supplied by Multisol South Africa, the DCH senior boys team – three times league winners – recently showcased their skills and new look in a local friendly match as John and Chanel try to encourage the township coaches to start up a new league.


Durbanville Children’s Home is situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. The intake of children falls within a 100 km radius of the Durbanville area, which includes farms, informal settlements, squatter camps and towns. The Home is presently caring for 144 children between the ages of 2 -18 years.