The Infineum-Multisol Golf Day

June 28, 2016 at 3:30 PM

The rest of the country may have been suffering with poor weather and flash floods, but at Celtic Manor, Newport, the sun shone brightly as guests and employees competed in the Infineum-Multisol Golf Day.

The popular annual event, which took place on the Ryder Cup 2010 course this year, is an opportunity for suppliers, customers and staff to come together in a social environment. The golf was followed by dinner and both David Hopkinson, Chief Executive Officer, Multisol Group and Infineum Sales Director, Maurizio Abbondanza were in attendance.
David thanked the 30 guests for taking time out from their busy schedules to attend the event, and applauded the role that the day plays in bringing people together to promote friendship and business in a relaxed environment. He commented on the fantastic day and some fabulous tans that were evident around the table!

Maurizio spoke of the importance of the relationship with Multisol and the key role that its customers play in setting the trends for the industry. He described Multisol's customers as dynamic businesses that have intimate market knowledge and understand where the market is really heading and how to get there ahead of the competition. The close working relationship enjoyed by Multisol and Infineum provides the insight for Infineum to plan for the future, know what the market wants, then produce the right products to 'make it stick'. He concluded by reaffirming his commitment to the Golf Day as an ideal example of the spirit of collaboration. In a tough and competitive market, getting together tightens our ties and, by uniting, we are more able to tackle the challenges we all face.

Campbell Jamieson of Shrieve Products International responded on behalf of the guests.
"This was another excellent event, well organised and with the weather to match. Social occasions like this are diminishing in our business and yet they play an invaluable role in bringing together customers, suppliers and a vast array of industry knowledge. The Infineum-Multisol Golf Day is always a special day in the calendar and we look forward, if invited, to returning next year."

When Infineum’s Tim Knowles avoided the water hazard and chipped onto the eighth green, he headed for the bridge with only his putt in mind. That was before he came face to face with a Swan and her two signets. The Swan was clearly no lover of golf and, in no uncertain terms, barred him from crossing the bridge. He wasn't helped by his fellow golfers suggesting he should chance it!
Eventually, Swan and signets decided to go for a swim and Tim, feathers ruffled but otherwise intact, was able to continue his 'birdie' free round.