Appointment of New CEO

December 01, 2011 at 4:32 PM

Andrew Wilkins has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer for Multisol Group with immediate effect.

Andrew has been with the Multisol organisation for 12 years, having joined as Operations Director of Multisol Ltd, becoming the UK Managing Director and latterly Chief Operating Officer for the Group.  In all of these posts, Andrew has consistently delivered exceptional results and been highly instrumental in driving the business forward.

Former CEO Paul Oliphant, upon standing down, has taken the position of Chairman for Multisol Group, and will assist Andrew & his team to continue the successful growth of the company.

Paul commented, "I have known and worked with Andrew for 25 years and I am always impressed by his enthusiasm for the job, the Company and our staff.  This is also clear to our suppliers and customers.  He has earned their confidence which is vital to the continued success of the business."

"I have been incredibly privileged to lead Multisol for the last 14 years of successful global growth.  Much of what we have achieved has been due to the strong foundations laid by my predecessors, David Thomas and Christopher Banner, without whose efforts Multisol would not have been able to develop into the Company it is today."

"My personal thanks go to all who have contributed to the success of Multisol during the last 14 years, and I welcome Andrew as our new leader.  I could not hand this business over to a better person."