2014 Infineum-Multisol Golf Day

May 29, 2014 at 10:17 PM

The 2014 Infineum-Multisol Golf Day took place on 29th May at the prestigious Celtic Manor Resort, Newport with more than 40 customers and employees in attendance.

The day was a resounding success. The sun shone on the magnificent 2010 Ryder Cup venue as the golfers took to the course, some battling for honours, most battling to avoid the huge sand traps and numerous water hazards.

The golf was followed by an excellent dinner hosted by Multisol UK Managing Director Kevin Williams and Infineum Sales Director Maurizio Abbondanza, who also presented the Golf Tournament prizes.

Rob Ashton, Infineum

Quotes from the day;

Phil Reeve, Infineum Global Business Manager
“ It has been a pleasure to take part to this day with our commercial partners. It has been an opportunity to enjoy a stunning golf location while reinforcing the long standing relationship we have with Multisol.”

Scott Gustafson, Director of Global Strategy, Shrieve Chemical Products
A resident of the United States and golf member at the Woodlands Country Club, Texas who was playing for the first time in the UK. He was part of the winning team and also won nearest the pin, hitting a 9 iron to 3ft from the pin on the 210 yard 10th hole.

“I am a long standing golfer and would put this superb course in my all-time top 5. It was a pleasure to be part of this outstanding occasion.”

“Multisol has been a supplier to our company for 13 years and is a fantastic company to work with. We are a relationship company and value the close business ties we have with Multisol. Like all the best long term relationships, we weather the storm together when the going is tough, and reap the rewards together when things pick up.”

Celtic Manor has played host to the world's best golfing talent

Maurizio Abbondanza, Infineum Sales Director
“We are delighted to be hosting this day with Multisol and appreciate that people have taken time out of their busy schedules to be here today. Thank you for your participation, we hope you had an enjoyable time.”

“Our collaboration with Multisol is strong; it is an important part of our history , built on, knowledgeable and experienced people and on robust relationships”

David Smith from Oleon

Kevin Williams, Managing Director, Multisol UK
“The opportunity to socialise with our business partners and customers is always an enjoyable and rewarding occasion. The Celtic Manor is an appropriate venue for such a gathering and we thank our friends at Infineum for sharing the day with us.”

The attendees enjoy dinner at Celtic Manor