Multisol UK honours its people

February 01, 2014 at 6:02 PM

Multisol has always recognised that the success of its business is directly related to its people; the company encourages personal development and takes pride in the quality, experience and long service of its employees.

It was therefore with great pleasure that Multisol recently honoured three UK employees, Alison Steel, Financial Director, Alan Williams, Operational Support and Steve Brooks, Account Manager who have all reached the 20 year milestone.

And they all still look so young!

Alison Steel , Financial Director for Multisol UK
Pictured with Kevin Williams (MD UK) and Andrew Wilkins (CEO)

Alan Williams, Operational Support
Pictured with Andrew Wilkins and Richard Hands, Operations Director

Steve Brooks, Multisol Account Manager
Pictured with Andrew Wilkins and Kevin Williams